About Us

Marcia & Jake

Rescue Real Estate is made up of 2 partners, Jacob Roy and Marcia Ferrante. The company was created from a conversation about how to use our talents to create a business which would also greatly help the people who crossed our path.


We both had a passion for improving houses and a huge desire to improve the lives of others around us. We were fortunate enough to come up with a way to use our combined experience and skills to do both, something not commonly found these days. Many businesses are just there for the money.


Sometimes people need to sell their homes quickly, but that is not always possible. We can help. Not just by paying a fair cash price for their home but coming up with other creative ways to sort out their situations.Many times, even if we were unable to buy the house, we have come up with ideas that were not necessarily provided to them by their lawyers or bankers that could help their situation. We care and we genuinely want to help and we help in any way that we can many times going the extra mile to offer services that are not part of our job description.


In addition, when we buy vacant, run down or abandoned houses, fix them up and sell them we are helping to improve the neighborhood, raise real estate values, and make something old or neglected new again. When we hand over the keys, everyone is happy, we are happy and we are proud. And when we read the comments that we get from our customers, we are personally rewarded.


In this way, we are indeed helping (Rescuing) the people and (Rescuing) homes. We live up to our name of Rescue Real Estate where we add “We Stop You from Drowning”. If you read on about one of our partners (Jake Roy) you will find the third reason why this company name is perfect for us.


About Jake
Homegrown in Vermont, one of Jake’s earliest memories was following his Dad around handing him tools and helping build and repair their family home.  Over the years, working with his dad, these skills expanded from roofing and siding, to installing kitchens, baths and more.  At nineteen, Jake landed a job building log homes in Japan which ignited a thirst for traveling.  His personality and love of the water, and experience as a rescue diver, started a career in the yachting industry. His leadership and mechanical ability took him from engineer to a first officer. On hiatus, he would always come back to Vermont and work with his father’s company Roy’s Home Siding. Years on yachts and working alongside his Dad helped form a work ethic and aim for perfection that is evident in the homes he produces.


About Marcia
As a child, Marcia spent quality time with her dad; handing him tools and helping him with small projects he did around the house.  He managed a furniture store and constantly had samples of newer decorative items and furniture samples in their home.  Her love for design and desire to be an entrepreneur was born at that time.  Her decorative abilities were evident at a young age where Marcia was constantly asked “can you come and do that in my home”.  After years as a sales executive, she attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale for Interior Design.  Marcia soon opened her own business, designed and managed projects, updating homes including kitchens and baths and learned from the contractors.  Years later she obtained her real estate license and combined both passions. Upon meeting Jake, Rescue Real Estate was born.