Insider Tips on How to Sell a House by Owner in Jupiter, FL

The town of Jupiter in Palm Beach County, FL is an interesting place to live in. It offers plenty of historical sites including the Jupiter Lighthouse and the Palm Beach International Raceway. These features could be enough to entice an individual or a family to purchase a home in this town. If you want to learn how to sell a house by owner, I have some useful tips that you can try. Most of these are extremely simple, but are often taken for granted by home sellers in Florida.

Tip #1: Correct Pricing

Your home may be lovely, but as soon as the potential buyer hears the price, he walks away. Why? Perhaps he knows that you have placed a real high price on the property. In another case, you tell the buyer the value of the house and he immediately says yes. Undoubtedly, you have priced it too low, which gives you an instant buyer but a much lower return on your investment. Therefore, the key is to get the correct price so that you get a buyer and you also earn profits.

Tip #2: Ready the Forms

You may have probably read books and guides about how to sell a house by owner. You think it is so easy, but the most challenging part has not come up yet. Once you decide to sell, you have to have all the legal forms needed to complete the property’s sale. Keep them nearby at all times and ensure that you spend some time to familiarize yourself with the terms and all the legalities in them. Even though you have turned to For Sale by Owner (FSBO) you can still hire an attorney to answer your questions and seek advice.

Tip #3: Clean Up

Donald Trump once said that a dirty car is worth $200, but a clean car gives $220 more.” Think about it. No homebuyer would want to purchase a house that looks messy and unorganized. It should always be attractive, spacious, and clean – both in appearance and in smell. Do not forget the following to turn the property into a striking dwelling:

  • Fresh paint
  • No broken windows
  • Roof looks sturdy and nice
  • Waxed floors
  • No nail holes
  • Cracks filled
  • Shampooed carpets

Tip #4: Exposure

The key to having a potential buyer become a real one is to advertise. Showcase your home to have buyers flocking into the property. Get the ad running online or on TV if you have extra cash. It will all be worth it in the end. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not take about five colored photos of your house and display what your pride is all about.

Tip #5: Work with the Buyer

So there is a buyer, but he wants to negotiate. Do not be afraid to express your limitations on the negotiation. You may also want to assess the financial situation of the buyer such as if he is pre-approved of a loan or not. To close the deal, you and the buyer should agree on the following:

  • Price of the home
  • Closing and possession dates
  • Inspection
  • Finances for the contingencies
  • Title policy

I know that choosing the path of how to sell a house by owner is tough. Although you may want to do most of the tasks yourself, I would like to help. Here at, we purchase house and give you the cash you need instantly. For more info, please click here.