Sell My House Tequesta, FL: Investor vs. Real Estate Agent

If you are like the average homeowner, then when you are selling your home, you are about to embark on one of the largest financial processes in your life. One question many homeowners ask is whether or not they need to use a real estate agent or whether they should consider selling to an investor. I have learned many things as I sell my house Tequesta, FL. Situations vary, but here are some things that you can benefit from knowing:

When to use a Realtor

The answer depends on two things: whether your home is in good condition and whether you are comfortable with an extended selling period. If your home is in good condition, then you could get the most value out of using a real estate agent and traditional home sale process. The majority of buyers that use Realtors are buyers who are planning to move into the home they buy. Thus, buyers are willing to pay a large sum over investors in order to acquire a move in ready home.

For the chance of a higher overall closing price, a homeowner must be able to weather the period of time that a house remains unsold on the market. During the time it sits on the market, the house needs to be kept constantly clean and well-staged. You will have the emotional ups and downs of not having buyers, a lot of buyers but few offers, very low offers, and then the game of counteroffers.

When to use a Real Estate Investor

The answer is when my home is not in good condition and/or you need financial assistance, I will sell my house Tequesta, FL to an investor. Real estate investors make their living from purchasing properties, and then making a profit either through flipping the home, renting, or renovation. As long as there is a profit to be had, many real estate investors are open to negotiation on the time and conditions of the sale. This can be boon for hurting home owners who either need to sell their home fast or prevent foreclosure.

If you need cash quickly, many real estate investors are willing to purchase the entire home’s price in liquid funds. Since investors are generally experienced with the buying and selling process, they already have their financial papers in order and they can close the sale in as little as two weeks. This is good whenever I sell my house Tequesta, FL.

In summary

In closing, real estate agents and real estate investors overlap very little in terms of their conditions and benefits. Working with an agent allows a higher closing price, but the home has to be in good condition. Working with investors is very helpful in exigent circumstances.

Whatever your decision may be, I want you to know that I am very willing to help as you think about, “How do I sell my house Tequesta, FL?” Check out this page to learn more how we buy properties and how you can sell it to us today.